Indices Trading

Trade the world's most popular equity indices across American, European, Asian and Australian markets.

Symbols Spread Leverage Hedging
EU50 3 1:100 Free
FRA40 4  1:100 Free
GER30 4  1:100 Free
JP225 24  1:100 Free
UK100 6  1:100 Free
US100 6  1:100 Free

* Swap rates are calculated based on the Index Currency’s relevant interbank rate. Long positions are charged with the relevant interbank rate plus a mark-up and short positions receive the rate minus a mark-up. The operation is conducted at 00:00 (GMT+2 time zone, please note DST may apply) and can take several minutes. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged for three days

** Minimum level for placing Stop Loss and Take Profit orders from a current market price.

The margin requirement for CFDs is calculated like this : Lots x Contract Size x Opening Price x Margin Percentage and not based on the leverage of your trading account.

The margin for hedged positions when trading CFDs is always 50%.

Calendar dates are indicative and are subject to change.

Protection of Funds

Segregated Funds

Client funds are segregated completely with the operational funds of the company and kept in top-tier banks. CFD Prime never uses client funds in its operation or any other investment, ensuring their protection at all times.

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